Pavi Largo

Paviche "Pavi" Largo is Rotti Largo's second child, and youngest son, born in 2024. He is vacuous, effeminate and narcissistic. He is shown to be quite charismatic and somewhat of a lady killer (both metaphorically and literally).

Pavi speaks with an Italian accent, which, according to the official Myspace , he uses to cover a stutter.

Appearance Edit

Pavi's face is horrendously scarred for unknown reasons, though rarely seen under the female flesh masks he wears over it, often changing and attached by six metal clasps implanted into his marred skin. His hair is shoulder-length, jet-black and slicked back. He wears two small silver hoops in his left ear, and dresses very smartly, though only in black, white, and grey, although he is seen in red tight pants before the Opera.

History Edit

Pavi thumbs up

Personality Edit

Pavi during a GeneCo advertisement

Pavi is portrayed as charming, flamboyant, excitable and quite effeminate. He, and others, see him as ladies man, and he is rarely seen without a Gentern or other women nearby. It is heavily implied that the photos shown in the scene where Rotti's doctor informs him of his illness, Pavi has raped the woman shown in the photos. There is speculation that because Pavi is the son of the world's most famous businessman, he is able to rape these women without consequence, but it is also shown that Rotti is disgusted with his son for this.Terrance Zdunich (co-composer and creator) describes Pavi as 'narcissistic' (video here), which is supported by the way he views himself in his hand mirror a lot. Pavi, like his siblings, is very keen to inherit GeneCo, and therefore could be seen as a bit of a plutomaniac. Pavi and his brother, Luigi, also goad on Nathan in "Night Surgeon" and the crowd during "Sawman's Lament", showing that he will convince people to do things for his benefit.

Gallery Edit

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