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The Genterns are women who work at GeneCo as nurses. They are allowed to administer GeneCo-produced Zydrate to assist in the surgery as an anesthetic. They constantly have to put up with death threats and sexual harrasment from the Largo family.

The status in society the Genterns recieve is questionable, as whilst they all conform to the physical and presumably mental ideal, they appear to be treated by people of all other social groups as mere scenary. On the other hand, many references throughout the film from posters and speaker announcements tell the public to ask a Gentern if Zydrate is right for them, suggesting that genterns may be considered as reliable as doctors.

Gentern's dance at the opera

Genterns also seem to be pop-culture icons. Their images are strewn across posters and magazines, and many appear in Geneco's genetic opera.

Appearance Edit

The Genterns are all of above-average-beauty, have well-applied make-up and long hair that is always loose. The Genterns' uniforms consist on a red pair of goggles or visors over their eyes, white halter mini dresses, and high-heeled white footwear. Alternatively, at events such as the opera, Genterns are seen wearing white cropped tops with white mini skirts and netted tights.

By the time Shilo was born, the Genterns' uniforms were more nurse-like and slightly less revealing.

Rotti Largo with Genterns

Gallery Edit

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