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Poster of Mag

Blind Mag is the head-liner act at GeneCo's Genetic Opera, a popular, televised event constructed by Rotti Largo, chairman and owner of GeneCo.

Magdelene Defoe, as she was once known, was nineteen when she was first 'discovered' by businessman Rotti Largo. Largo would later claim that he had been so struck by her voice that he decided to give her 'free' surgery to replace her inactive corneas with brand new electric ones, thus allowing her to share her amazing voice with the world.

The truth is a bit more sinister.

Magdelene Defoe was once best friends with Marni, Largo's then fiance and Nathan's future wife. Marni, presumably a singer herself, persuaded Largo to restore Magdelene's sight through surgery in exchange for a contract, as it could not be denied, Magdelene's voice was fantastic.


Rotti And Mag announce the grand opening of the opera house

All seemed well until Marni left Largo for a young doctor named Nathan Wallace, leaving Largo standing at the altar. It was around this time Blind Mag realized she should have read the small print on her contract, a contract that stated that now and forever Mag could only serve one; Rotti Largo. If she ever did attempt to leave, GeneCo would be legally allowed to send out a Repo Man to repossess her new electric eyes. For seventeen years Mag lived in fear of Rotti and his demonic children, believing that her best friend Marni had been killed in a medical accident and her godchild, Marni's daughter, Shilo, had died with her. Eventually Mag decided to risk the Repo Man and announced she was leaving GeneCo for good.

Mag's reaction to seeing Shiloh

Later she discovered that Shilo, her goddaughter, was indeed alive but very sick. Mag attempted to reach Shilo in the hopes of nurturing her musical talent, saving a link to Marni and perhaps warning her away from all the mistakes she herself had made. A few minutes into this reunion, Nathan arrived, forcing Mag to leave but not before she expressed her anger over not being involved in Shilo's life and Nathan's apparent ill-treatment of Shilo.
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Blind Mag as she enters the gateway, to make amends with Shiloh

Later that night Mag is seen delivering roses to Marni's grave and preparing in her dressing room for the night ahead.

Mag's final scene is when she makes her last performance (after her jealous co-star Amber Sweet is booed off stage) whilst singing Chromaggia. Mag, then in a desperate attempt perhaps to prevent the Repo Man from killing her, perhaps to maintain some moral dignity, tears out her own eyes in front of a live audience announcing that she'd rather be blind than let GeneCo rule her. Largo promptly cuts the wires holding her above stage and watches her be impaled on a prop.


Blind Mag's death is seen through out the opera house and telescreens

It is the sight of Mag's dead body on screen that causes Shilo to confront Nathan full on believing that he murdered Mag and not Largo. Mag's body is left lying on the stage for the duration of the movie, relatively ignored.

Magdelene 'Blind Mag' Defoe is played in the movie by stage star, Sarah Brightman.

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