At The Opera Tonight is a song in Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Lyrics Edit

I must be brave
Come, come what may
Can I be saved?
Is there a way, at the opera tonight?

[Blind Mag] (Nathan/Repo Man)
I've made my peace (No chance for peace!)
I hold no grudge (I'll end this grudge!)
I'm gonna sing (I'll stain the streets)
My final song (They'll run with blood)
At the opera tonight!

[Amber Sweet] (Graverobber)
One more hit, for the show
Make it fast! (Take it slow)
One more hit, of the glow (Go get cut!)
For tonight's show!

[Rotti] (Luigi/Pavi)
Tonight I set the stage! (Tonight we set the stage)
My greatest play! (My greatest face!)
I'll take the lead! (My greatest rage!) (Pavi gets laid!)
All debts are paid
At the opera tonight!

Reeeeepo Maaaan
Reeeeepo Maaaan

[Repo Man]
At the opera tonight!

[Blind Mag] (Amber Sweet)
Repo Man, come take my eyes (At the opera tonight!)
Repo Man, My eyes!

Repo Man, At the opera tonight!

Videos Edit

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